BEARD: The Book: The App

Put a world-class beard on yourself, your friends, or anything you can think of that would look better with a beard – which is everything. After you beard someone, easily adjust your photo to match extremely high-resolution, professional photography from Matt Rainwaters.

3 in 1 Multi-Tool FREE

Three useful apps in one that every iPhone user should have: a flashlight, a mirror, and a magnifying glass. This app uses the brightest source of illumination that your device is capable of producing. Optional functions like SOS, strobe, and zoom make this app a "must."

3D Animations FREE

Tired of boring text messages? Say more with ANIMATED messages! If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a moving picture must be worth ... like ... a b'gillion words. Look, math isn't our strong suit. That's why we're using pictures in our text messages, right?


MemeText is the fastest and easiest way to add meme-style text to any photo! Now you can choose from a library of popular memes, add favorites from your camera roll, or create a new meme on-the-go.

Pony Up! The Golf Bet Calculator

Golfers who like to wager on their games will love Pony Up! This simple, no-nonsense app will help you keep your numbers straight no mater what kind of golf games you like to play.

Straight to Voicemail

Skip the awkward conversation you’ve been dreading with your boss, parent, or coworker. This app let’s you connect to any 10-digit U.S. mobile phone number’s voicemail system without ringing. This is the ONLY app that offers unlimited connections to Slydial’s FREE service.


Easily label a "FAIL" and preserve the moment forever online or in your iPhone's Camera Roll. FailCam can be configured to save to your phone, automatically upload to social media, or both!

Side by Side

Side by Side lets you quickly juxtapose two photos for humor, serious comparison, or whatever reason you can think of. Plus, Side by Side gives you the option to add text to your photos to help you tell the whole story.

Total Frat Move

Finally, an app for people who matter. This is the official app for Whether you're sailing the Caribbean, hung over in class, or waiting for a sandwich, there's always time to check out the latest content from your favorite website. TFM.

Total Sorority Move

This is the official app (TSM Version). Whether you're burning cals on the elliptical, hung over in class, or getting a mani-pedi, there's always time to check out the latest content from your favorite website. TSM.

Are you Smarter than a QB?

Each year, pro football prospects take a 50-question, 12-minute IQ test known as the Wonderlic. This app uses real questions from past tests so that you can see how your brain measures up against the NFL's gridiron generals.

iClaws FREE

Wield the power of GIANT UNBREAKABLE CLAWS! Use them at your own risk – iClaws is equipped with blood spatter visuals for stabbing motions. In addition, you'll hear classic sound effects for thrusting, slashing, and all-around wrecking shop.