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April 9, 2010

New Super Bowl iPhone app

February 17, 2010---"The North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee has been tech crazy with its embrace of social media, podcasts and streaming video. Now, they're tapping into the iPhone (as well as iPad and iPod touch) market..."

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iPhone Apps: What Makes Apple Say No?

July 31, 2009---"Recent app rejections, including Google Voice, have developers—and the FCC—asking Apple to clarify its criteria..."

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CubbieTime iPhone app tracks the days since Chicago Cubs’ last World Series title

June 27, 2009---"If Cubs fans need another reminder of the passing of time. P.J. Tanzillo, who grew up in Calumet City and now works as a software engineer in Austin, Texas has created CubbieTime, an app to keep track of how many days the Cubs have gone without a World Series title..."

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A Wake Up Call for Cubs Fans

June 23, 2009---"As you might already know, the Cubs haven't won the World Series since Model Ts were cruising down Clark. And while some measure the distance in centuries (currently: 1), the truly obsessed are bit more precise..."

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Inappropriate For the iPhone?

May 5, 2009---"Apple recently celebrated its 1 billionth downloaded application from its App Store. With so many apps created over the years, there are bound to be a few that might not be appropriate..."

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Top "Offensive" iPhone Apps

May 1, 2009---"More than 35,000 applications, or “apps,” are part of the online iTunes Store, and so far, Apple says, only about 4 percent of apps submitted have been rejected, some for security or competitive reasons, others because of taste..."

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