Before there was “an App for That…”

On January 2, 2009, P.J. and Craig shared their last bottle of wine (leftover from a lengthy New Year’s bender) with a cadre of ladyfriends on a bridge in Austin, TX. In addition to breaking several city ordinances that night, they hatched the plan that would eventually become Bearded Pony, LLC.

Though initial attempts at App Store glory failed to garner retirement-worthy riches, the two persevered until the duo became a trio. The addition of Fisher in May 2009 provided a spark that would propel Bearded Pony into the top tier of independent app developers. Today, Bearded Pony boasts a portfolio of over 40 applications across multiple platforms, charting in many of Apple’s most competitive categories.

P.J. “The Pony”

Chief Technical and Executive Officer of Bearded Pony, he provides the wizardry that makes apps hum*. P.J. has technical and managerial experiences ranging from local start-ups to well-established companies with multinational presence. He’s got a way of making difficult things easy and easy things drop-dead simple.

Craig “The Beard”

The Chief Creative Officer at Bearded Pony comes from an analogue background, having previously specialized in commercial print and industrial 3D design. With his eye for style and an uncanny knack for bar napkin sketching, Craig gives Bearded Pony its blend of quirky simplicity and polished pop.

Fisher “The Swisher”

Always cool under pressure, the Director of Business Development and Chief “Ideas Guy” provides the spirit that separates Bearded Pony from ordinary developers. A consumate entrepreneur with his fingers firmly on the pulse of the App Store, no one on Earth has downloaded, played with, and picked apart more Apps than Fisher.

*None of Bearded Pony’s apps should literally “hum.” Please contact Support immediately if you experience any unexpected humming.